B.B.Q. Sauces for the weekend of February 15th, 16th and 17th!

Carolina Gold – A tangy golden BBQ sauce with a zip of mustard and a firm bite. Mild Heat

Georgia Peach – A super sweet and sticky BBQ sauce, made with Southern Comfort™ and Pure Peach Extract, chock full of peachy goodness. No Heat

Kentucky Red – A traditional red BBQ sauce, with hints bourbon and caramel on the finish. Moderate Heat

Louisiana Fire – Traditional red BBQ with cayanne, habanero, jalapeno and Louisana Hot Sauce™ = FIRE. Strong Heat

Cowbells White-Gold – A marriage of our Carolina Gold and Alabama White, a match made in hog heaven! No Heat

Mango Habanero – Sweet mango up front and smoked habanero on the back. Strong Heat

Alabama White – Creamy and zesty white BBQ sauce that is perfect for turkey, a little tart with cracked pepper and notes of horseradish, lemon and cayenne. No Heat

Mississippi Mudd – Thick and rich with notes of chocolate and coffee… Smooth to the finish .  No Heat *

Texican Fieasta – Tomato based sauce with a little southwestern flare, this sauce impresses with Exotico Tequila, fresh squeezed lime and Mexican style seasoning. Strong Heat *

Tennessee Honey – Sticky and Sweet tomato based sauce with Clover Honey and a just a touch of cayenne . Moderate Heat *