Part 1 – Prepping the Seasoning.

Part 2 – Prepping the Pork And Beef Fat.

Part 3 – Grind the Meat, Season the Meat.

Part 4 – Stuffing the Casing.

Part 5 – Linking the Sausage.

Part 6 – Out of the Smoker and into the Bloom.

Part 7 – Cowbells Smoked Sausage and Cheese Plate!

We would give you the recipe (no we wouldn’t), but we wanted this time lapse video to be short and sweet. While this video is a total of about 3 minutes, what you see here is about 55 minutes of labor. Now making your own sausage definitely takes longer than 55 minutes to make. We didn’t show you(where most of the time is spent) the curing, resting, smoking and blooming phases of the sausage making process. Besides who wants to watch sausage hang motionless for hours at a time anyway.

Cowbells guarantees all of the pork used in our sausage(and pulled pork dishes) is from Fresh Mississippi Farm Raised Hogs. We guarantee this by purchasing them directly from the farms meat packing facility.

So we hope you enjoyed a look at our crew putting together “Cowbells Home Made Smoked Sausage”. Come to Cowbells between Sep. 28 and Oct. 7 and tell your bartender or server you saw our “Smokin’ Sausage” video and we will give you $2.00 off the purchase of one of our Sausage & Cheese plates. Oh Snap!