OK Ladies we did not forget about you. If you want to play along with the boys and help support  National Canine Prostate Awareness Month here’s how it works.

1 – On November 16th come to Cowbells with your Entry Fee and your glorious make-up mustache painted on. Get creative girls, the competition is gonna be thick and we want to see some AWESOME makeup mustaches. We’re looking for glitter and gold and all the glitz!

2 – We’re gonna take your picture and post it on facebook for your fans to like.

3 – The make-up mustache that gets the most likes between November 16th and November 29th will be the grand prize winner.

4 – The grand prize winner will be announced at Cowbells on November 30th at 9:00pm,  after the boys get done parading their mustaches. *You must be present in order to receive your prize.

Grand prize will be a loot bag of Cruelty-free(no animal testing or byproducts) makeup. 

Click Here for more detailed info on Movember and Canine BHP.